1) What is the Usage Policy for Magic Records?

Magic Records makes its full catalog free to use and free to monetize on YouTube and Twitch as long as proper credits are given. All Independent Content Creators are safe from Copyright Infringement.

2) How do properly credit on YouTube?

Please use this model on your video description:


Provided By: Magic Records


Example - https://bit.ly/2NzLgGt

Where to find “Fanlink”? : https://bit.ly/2tJ0lwv

3) Can I use Magic Records song for my Product / Service / Commercial brand?

If you're a brand or a commercial organization interested in using Magic Record's music, you will need a commercial license. Please get in touch at MagicmusicLLC@gmail.com

4) What should I do if I got a fake claim?

E-mail us as soon as possible at MagicmusicLLC@gmail.com